BIM & Integrated housing

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In 1975, "Father of BIM" - Professor Chuck Eastman of Georgia Tech established the BIM concept. The research of BIM technology has gone through three major stages: the germination stage, the production stage and the development stage. The enlightenment of the BIM concept was influenced by the global oil crisis of 1973. The whole industry in the United States needs to consider the issue of improving the efficiency of the industry. In 1975, Professor Eastman, the father of BIM, proposed "a computer" in his research topic "Building Description System". -based description of-a building", in order to achieve visualization and quantitative analysis of construction engineering, improve engineering construction efficiency.

BIM's full fight is Building Information Modeling, the building information model. Regarding the definition of BIM, industry associations in different countries are different, but their basic connotations are consistent.It mainly consists of the following two parts:

(1) Digital representation of the physical and functional characteristics of construction projects and their facilities, providing shared information resources throughout their life and providing basic information for various decisions, referred to as models;

(2) The process of creating, using, and managing building information models, referred to as model applications.

Compared with traditional construction engineering management methods, BIM management has the following five characteristics:

(1) Visualization;

(2) Coordination;

(3) Simulation;

(4) Optimization;

(5) Can be graphical.

Based on the above functional characteristics, applying BIM to construction project management can greatly improve work efficiency, reduce error rate and resource waste, improve project quality, and reduce engineering and later operation and maintenance cost.

The application of BIM software is the basis of BIM management method.The following are commonly used BIM softwares:


Different BIM softwares have their own characteristics. In many cases, we often use more than one BIM software in a project. We choose appropriate software according to the type of integrated housing project, which can greatly improve the design efficiency and quality of the solution.

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