Basic knowledge of containers

Date:2019.01.10 14:14



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There are many different types of containers depending on the purpose of transportation. In addition to the common dry cargo containers , there are also Reefer Containers for transporting perishable goods, Platform Based Containers for transporting industrial equipment, Tank Container for transporting liquids and chemicals, and top or side open containers. The following set of pictures can visually see the difference:

Containers come in a variety of sizes to meet different transportation needs. “Standardized” containers shall conform to the length, width, height and capacity specified by the ISO standard. Container capacity is typically measured in 20-foot TEU or TEU, with one unit representing a standard capacity equivalent to a 6 m (20 ft) long, 2 m (8 ft) wide standard container. The general-purpose containers commonly used in container construction mainly include 20-foot cabinets and 40-foot cabinets:


The general container structure is shown below:

image.png  image.png

image.png    image.png

In the design of container buildings, we often simplify its construction into frames, roof slabs, side walls, gables, floors, and door parts.

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